Do you feel held back by unhelpful thoughts and feelings (such as worry, doubt, or self-criticism) that get in the way

or prevent you from being fully engaged with the present moment?


Do you find yourself engaging in patterns of behavior that keep you stuck

rather than moving towards the things you care about most?

I'm Dr. Hillary Devlin, a licensed clinical psychologist that specializes in helping people uncover new ways to better navigate anxiety, low mood, and other difficulties (e.g., life transitions, self-doubt, low motivation, perfectionism) with more flexibility, awareness, self-compassion, and purpose.

In treatment, I use evidence-based therapies backed by science and designed to help people learn how to more effectively respond to difficult thoughts and feelings, and make meaningful behavioral changes that enrich their lives.


In addition to being effective for the treatment of anxiety, OCD, and depression, the therapies I offer provide a valuable set of tools for anyone interested in enhancement of well-being and personal growth.  

Visit my About Therapy section to learn more about my approach and the types of therapy I use, or get in touch by phone or email to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation where we can discuss what you are looking for in therapy and determine if my services might be a good fit for your needs. 

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